Workspace Trends 2019

March 11, 2019

Workspace Trends 2019

Office spaces are continuing to evolve, designed with positive health and wellbeing in mind for all stakeholders. Clever use of space sees increasingly innovative ways to use dead or previously unusable areas which give employees a greater choice of work and break-out spaces. 2019 will welcome a host of new ideas and new trends aimed at improving the health, welfare and productivity of our staff, the most valuable asset of any business:

Relaxing at work is not a oxymoron.

1 Workplace Experience

People-centric businesses who understand and value their workforce are working hard to create memorable workspace experiences for employees where staff feel well, happy and engaged enabling them to work productively and contribute to the success of the business.

The challenge for space planners and designers is to translate these ideas into the physical aesthetic and workspace flow as experienced by staff and stakeholders. Staff experience is largely influenced by layout and space, furniture, organisation and comfort, as well as seemingly trivial things such as the quality of tea, whether there are snacks on offer and, availability to store bikes etc. Consideration of workplace experience is becoming more prominent as businesses seek to creating engaging, productive and positive health environments for their staff whilst simultaneously improving retention, morale and loyalty.

2 Quiet Spaces

Open plan, collaborative spaces can be incredibly effective as long as quiet spaces are also provided for focused, concentrated work, privacy and time outs to collect thoughts. An increase in “office noise pollution” has mitigating effects on wellbeing and is a key consideration of modern office design.

Well planned open workspaces foster collaboration and communication whilst also providing areas for concentration and contemplation. With increasing focus on employee positive health and wellbeing, forward-thinking companies are creating quiet zones, focused spaces, chill zones and sleep pods to boost energy, creativity and restore emotional balance.

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