Thinking of Changing Your Office Layout? Here's What To Know.

November 25, 2019

Thinking of Changing Your Office Layout? Here's What To Know.

Your office space is so, so important (and yes we are a little biased) - the size and layout of your space determines whether you need to expand or relocate and plays a huge part in the entire office dynamic. Your office space can be a wonderful first impression for potential clients as well as current and potential employees as well. Creating this space however, can be complicated with several things to take into account in order to create the ideal space for your employees.

We've put together a list of the 5 things we think are important to consider. Every business, every space is different and each presents its own challenges but we're sure you will find these useful!

Optimise Your Space

Your space isn't just defined by the walls and floor; clearing out bulky or uncomfortable furniture can make a big difference to the space you have available. Receiving feedback from your employees in how they imagine using the space can be valuable (though we wouldn't recommend decision by committee!). Consider the practicalities too: What is the lighting like? What about current (and possibly new) power outlets? These are often overlooked and can cause problems further down the line.

Don't Overlook Productivity

If your office isn't productive then the business isn't going to be profitable, it's a simple fact. When planning and organising your space, take care to think about how your employees work. Is there a lot of collaborative work in your business? If so, then a more 'cell' based layout (whether that be walls or partitions) would not be conducive, whilst an open-plan space may not work for work that requires peace and high levels of concentration. This brings us nicely on to...

Evaluate Your Collaborative Needs

Some businesses rely heavily on collaboration (think design or marketing agencies) whereas solo work is more heavily considered in more 'office' based work (accounting, for example). If your space allows, one good resolution would be to provide an option for both; meeting rooms or large desk spaces make collaborations easier but single office spaces can give those working on solo projects the place they need to concentrate.

Think About The Future

Planning your space for the current team and for the 'now' gives a big boost to everyone (regardless of the stress it can cause!) but think of the future: will the space be suitable for any expansion within the next 3-5 years? This is why relocation can sometimes be the better long-term option as outgrowing your new space will introduce the same problems you were looking to avoid by redesigning.

Employee Perks & Amenities!

An office is no longer just a place of work. One of the biggest factors potential employees use to choose where to apply for work is the office culture. Many companies now offer perks, incentives and facilities to encourage productivity and in turn, loyalty. Recreation spaces are popular, with communal seating, games and leisure facilities such as a gym/fitness space or dining spaces are all oft-requested when office space is planned.

Additionally, any parking or bicycle schemes for commuters can benefit employees and should also be factored in if necessary.

The modern office is still a structure, but it is now so much more than just 4 walls - it's about a culture and it starts with the workspace. If employees feel comfortable and at home in their workspace then they will be more productive.

If you want any help with planning your new workspace, then give us a call on 01727 840 800 or send us an email to and let us help you create your ideal workspace.

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