Improving Your Environmental Performance Now

If you are looking for measurable financial, environmental and social sustainability from your furnishing projects, we can help. JPA bring nationally recognised, award winning sustainability process through our products, services and operation, reducing your carbon cost and eliminating waste.

Delivering More than Furniture

Financial Value

Saving our clients more than £1.5 million by maximising, reconfiguring and refreshing existing furniture resources

Social Value 

JPA's community furniture programme has rehomed over 4,490 items locally with a value of £545,000

Environmental Value

JPA are Carbon Neutral and Zero Waste - over 25,104 unwanted furniture items recycled and diverted from landfill to date

Dovetailing with UN SDG

Reflecting the 3 pillars of sustainability & United Nations SDG at every level

Industry Experts

Nationally recognised for our passionate approach, innovation and embedded sustainable furniture solutions

JPA have joined the UN Race To Zero

Carbon Neutral Organisation
CFS CO2 Assessed Organisation
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Financial Value

Our first approach is to maximise existing furniture resources before specifying new items. We have saved clients over £1.5million by maximising existing furniture stock through refresh and refurbish programmes, and incorporating still fit for task items within new furniture schemes. 

Our expert fitters can disassemble, re-locate and reconfigure furniture stock as required, capitalising on initial investment and ensuring long-term value. JPA’s post-occupation furniture maintenance teams work with existing building and maintenance teams to keep every item of furniture in optimal condition, areas to be kept operational and spaces to be productive. New furniture is supplied with lengthy warranties which are underwritten by JPA.

Social Value 

Our project 'DODO' has enabled JPA to raise its profile as a contract furniture sustainability specialist with solutions that measurably deliver value. Reduced waste, less landfill KG & CO2, improved environmental / social and financial performance are achieved as standard within our clients offering.

Our clients can choose to participate in our furniture re-homing programme which JPA operate in house. Our local approach provides has enabled over 4490 redundant furniture items to be rehomed to date with an equivalent value of £545,000, saving community organisations valuable fund which can be diverted elsewhere to other much needed resources.

Environmental Value

We make it easy for our clients to eliminate furniture waste through end-of-life community re-homing and recycling scheme (DODO) which improves environmental performance as an ongoing part of the procurement process. Redundant goods are returned to our warehouse for inspection and then either rehomed locally or sent for materials recycling, ensuing that nothing goes to landfill. Clients are informed where their furniture has been re-homed and if recycled receive certification of landfill and CO2e savings.

To date JPA diverted over 584 tonnes of unwanted client furniture from landfill through materials recycling, comprising over 25,104 furniture items. Simultaneously, we have reduced fleet mileage through continued consolidation of our operational geography and local service approach.

Environmentally friendly office furniture

Dovetailing with UN SDG

Our challenge is to deliver financial, environmental and community values for clients, reflecting the three pillars of sustainability and supporting the United Nations 17 social development goals (SDG). By choosing to partner with JPA, clients are also supporting and endorsing their commitment to ensuring the Real Living Wage back through the supply chain.

Our circular approach to furniture provision centres on resource maximisation and incorporating any new products and services from ethical, sustainable and robust supply chains. We focus on value over the cost of life ensuring the furniture we supply meets all relevant manufacturing, legislative and regulatory standards so our clients don't have to.
Our circular approach to furniture 
Our circular approach to furniture 

A collection of our happy clients

Please find attached three pics of Family Lives call takers comfortably ensconced in your chairs! Everyone is very grateful.
The office as a whole looks better for having matching chairs. 

We answer calls from a variety of people often in distress on 3 hour shifts so comfort is important. So thank you very much again.

Family Lives, Hatfield

We were delighted that JPA were interested in our project and quickly realised that there were ways we could work together. Our ethos is very much about maximising the potential of spaces and likewise JPA maximising the life and use of furniture. It has been fantastic to have them on board and we're delighted with the result

Camden Collective Hubs Manager

The hospice is thrilled with the tables I collected from you and we are very excited about working with you in the future.

Thank you so much
Stephen Rose

Peace Hospice Care

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