Reasons To Renovate Your Office

November 23, 2020

Reasons To Renovate Your Office

At the time of writing, many people are working from home as part of lockdown measures due to Covid-19, although there are still staff operating from offices all over the UK. As a business, this is an opportunity for you to look at and improve your current workspace in order to safely welcome and encourage your employees back into the office.

An office serves as the visual representation of a company, which means that the layout and design can have a significant impact on employee morale and performance as well as generating an unforgettable first impression for visiting clients.

While office renovations can sound costly, in truth huge impacts can be often be made from relatively minor changes, boosting your bottom line in the long run. After all, giving your workplace a much-needed makeover allows your company to take a fresh look at how to utilise existing space and maximise the layout whilst improving communication and efficiency. Ensuring that you meet all of the health and safety requirements of a legionella risk assessment as your employee's return to the office is also essential.

This is a great opportunity for your office to evolve with your business.

Boost Employee Happiness and Productivity

Staff spend the better part of their day at your office, although 2020 has been somewhat of an exception to this. Being hunched over behind a screen and seeing the same view every day can be mentally draining, so changing the scenery and improving the office layout can do wonders in promoting a positive environment.

In fact, 95 per cent of UK workers believe that the aesthetic appeal of their environment can influence their morale, which has a direct impact on productivity.

Adding splashes of colour, plants, natural materials and investing in ergonomic office equipment can make a world of difference in increasing staff comfort and wellbeing. The inclusion of multi-functional break-out and social areas can also establish social pathways where workers can interact and take a break from the grind – some of the best ideas come from informal chat away from the desk. And let’s not forget those quiet spaces, so important for focus, concentration and privacy.

Optimising the Office Layout

Gone are the days where staff are required to work at one desk from the moment they enter and clock out of the office. Nowadays, the business landscape is focusing on creating more efficient, active use of workspace  - the Covid-19 restrictions have shown that being able to adapt to new and different working conditions can be the difference between a business thriving, instead of just surviving.

If you’re thinking of investing, choose products that will add both short-term and long-term value. Consider flexible, reconfigurable items that can perform more than one function or be easily relocated to different areas on demand.

It may be that flexible working is now the new norm for you and your teams and that after analysing space take-up, you don’t actually need all the space you currently have, giving rise to opportunities to re-purpose, share, sub-let or re-locate.  We are in a time of real change.

JPA’s in house teams can help with planning, design, furniture specification, reconfiguration work, facilities works, storage and re-locations, providing furniture solutions for all your future needs.

Modern Office WIth Pods

Sustainability – within your grasp:

It’s also a good time to consider how you can purchase more sustainably and make a positive impact through your furniture purchases at no extra cost.

We’ll help you pick products from ethical and sustainable sources, manufactured locally wherever possible.  We’ll also ensure that any unwanted furniture items you may have that won’t fit into your new plans are collected and either re-purposed or re-homed as part of our DODO programme.  We also ensure that all packaging is re-used or recycled, that your project has zero furniture waste and is completed with a Carbon Neutral installation by our in-house fitting teams.

Enhance Brand Perception

Branding now goes beyond product packaging and marketing campaigns. Now, your brand identity is also evident in your workplace, wherein 85 per cent of clients and visitors judge your business based on its office environment. Engaging, colourful, and modern designs promote innovation, while older, tired offices are quickly overlooked.


Renovating your office can do wonders for your employees’ happiness and your company’s bottom line. We understand that many are hesitant to push through with a fix-me-upper as it can be expensive and time-consuming.

Fortunately, working with our expert team at JPA can give you peace of mind as we minimize the impact of the refurbishment works on a day to day business tasks. Working with JPA,  

our business can stay open, re-invigorate its space and get ready for growth without compromise.

For further details simply get in touch at

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