Post-Lockdown Health and Safety Measures to Ensure Your Employees Are Protected

May 25, 2020

Post-Lockdown Health and Safety Measures to Ensure Your Employees Are Protected

COVID-19 has resulted in significant changes in our work patterns, that will continue to evolve further over the upcoming months. It is important for businesses and organisations that are resuming work to think about how they can adapt to these changes and work differently in order to minimise the transmission of the Coronavirus, whilst ensuring employees feel comfortable and safe.

“To be happy is to be safe, socially active and mentally stimulated. Our workplaces should reflect this, with furniture contributing to wellbeing.”

Adrian Campbell, Workplace Design

Take a look at our solutions for helping with social distancing measures and ensuring that your employees feel safe and comfortable at work.

Workplace screening

Installing portioning and screens into your workplace environment is a simple way to reinforce social distancing guidelines, resulting in your employees feeling more relaxed at work.

Screening allows employees to define their own space, providing psychological comfort and acting as an additional element of protection. These screens can be cleaned and disinfected when appropriate.

We offer a number of different screening options, including:

  • Translucent side screens
  • Curved front screens
  • Freestanding storage screens
  • MFC 3 sided screens
  • Upholstered 3 sided screens
  • Mobile screens
  • Possessions caddy

Safety warning mats

Incorporating visual cues to reinforce safety measures in your plan to return to work is an effective way to remind your employees of the social distancing guidelines. Not only will this help your employees maintain a safe distance at all times, but this will also enforce regulations to clients and customers visiting your offices.

Here at JPA Workspaces, we offer a wide range of safety mats with key messages on them to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. These mats are excellent reminders of the 2-meter social distancing guidelines that are in place, as well as other appropriate key messaging surrounding washing your hands.

Unlike floor tape, stickers or paint, floor mats can easily be moved and re-laid without leaving a stick residue.

safety social distancing mats floor covid 19

Rearranging desks

If employees are too close to each other and workplaces are too densely populated, this can put your employees at risk, as well as making them feel uncomfortable at work. Creating a floor plan and adapting office seating plans with social distancing measures and safe working in mind will help to reduce the transmission of the Coronavirus and help your employees feel safe. Hot desking should also be avoided to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Anti-microbial fabrics and vinyls and wipe-clean seating

When it comes to infection control, it’s also important to make sure your furniture and upholstery is safe and as easy to clean as possible.

Our new collection of performance fabrics and vinyls are all anti-microbial, bleach cleanable and waterproof, to help meet high standards of hygiene within your workspace. We also offer wipe-clean, multi-purpose seating to help support infection control whilst providing an easy-to-clean seating solution for your workplace.


Implement staggered shifts

Staggered shifts involve employees having different start, finish and break times from other members of staff, enabling staff to operate efficiently whilst maintaining social distancing measures. This is a manageable way to mitigate risk by controlling the number of people each employee will come into contact with at work.

Ensure high standards of hygiene

More robust cleaning protocols and access to hand washing facilities or hand sanitiser units are key to ensuring your employees are protected. Hand sanitiser should be positioned throughout your workspace, particularly at entrances and exits, and clean-as-you-go policies should be implemented to maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Employees should be encouraged to use these facilities.

Refresh your health and safety measures regularly to keep safe practices at the front of your mind.

Get in touch

Following these health and safety measures in your place of work will encourage happier and healthier employees.

JPA Workspaces are here to help. For further advice, practical social distancing support and furniture solutions, please get in touch by calling us on 01727 840800 or emailing us on to speak to a member of our specialist team.

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