Planting Real Benefits To Your Workspace

July 17, 2020

Planting Real Benefits To Your Workspace

Today is the last day of the National Plants at work week – a week long, annual campaign run during July by to raise awareness of the benefits of plants in the working environment.  To celebrate this we have collaborated with Plant Plan Ltd to bring you this post today.

How do plants improve the workspace?

It's becoming more acutely realised, that people are happier and more productive around plants. But what are they doing to make this happen?

People see a space with plants as more plentiful and wealthy than one without. This is because when our ancient ancestors saw a land with lots of green, healthy plants, they knew the land must be good and plentiful. If plants could survive there, surely humans could too! Planting is a big part of biophilic design, which is all about creating environments that we subconsciously connect with and enjoy living / working in.

Also, planting helps reduce the effects of sick building syndrome. This is a little known about phenomenon where people have symptoms related to a certain building, most often a workplace. These symptoms can include headaches, blocked or runny nose, itchy skin, sore eyes, rashes, tiredness and difficulty concentrating. Productivity suffers and sick leave rises, and business find themselves struggling with staff morale and retention.

Plants are an ideal way to combat this as they:

  • Increase the humidity in the air through the natural release of moisture
  • Filter out toxins and germs, through the leaves and roots
  • Increase the oxygen level in an office through photosynthesis

This shows that even plants alone can combat the effects of Sick Building Syndrome and provide an easy, cost effective and flexible way of keeping your staff and office healthy.

The return on investment from plants can also be quite dramatic. Researchers found that people are up to 15% more productive in spaces with plants, and also that they're 15% more creative. They also found their sense of well-being rises and mental health issues are reduced. Also, short term absenteeism decreases. All of which add up to huge savings for business owners and those leading teams.

Plant Plan specialise in corporate horticulture, enhancing business and commercial environments through the power of plants. Visit to view their range of Nature design.

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