Office Spaces that Reflect your Brand Values

August 5, 2021

Office Spaces that Reflect your Brand Values

You may think that looks are superficial, especially when it comes to your workspace, but there’s a lot more to designing an office space than choosing a neutral colour for the walls and having matching desks. Your office space needs to reflect your brand values not just because it looks good - although that’s important at a different level - but because it enables your clients and customers, as well as your employees, to identify your company as one they want to do business with. So, for example, if your brand values include sustainability, having sustainable office furniture will give your clients the trust and reassurance that they’re doing business with the right company. 

As an opposite example, if you went into the local branch of your bank and found they’d renovated it in bright primary colours, with bank staff sitting on beanbags with laptops perched on their laps, it wouldn’t fit in with your idea of an organisation that is serious about taking care of your money, giving you expert financial advice or respecting your confidentiality. The decoration wouldn’t reflect their brand values, and even if their values hadn’t changed and their service was exactly the same as before, your next task would probably be to move your account to a different bank. 

What are your brand values?

When redesigning your office, a good place to start would be to revisit the brand values that guide the way you run your business and make sure your new interior reflects these values in terms of colour, layout, type of furniture you choose, decorations, etc. There are many options in terms of function, finish and colour, so you don’t have to compromise on your values, whether you want to give a reassuring and authoritative impression, a relaxed and friendly one, a conservative one, or a young high-tech cool one.  


For many brands, sustainability is becoming an increasingly important part of their core values. It is a value that many talented young people search for in the job market, and it can be a contributing factor in whether they’re willing to work for you. Research shows that sustainability is massively important to Millennials and Gen Z who actively seek out employment opportunities with brands that demonstrate their sustainability values and are even willing to accept lower salaries in order to work for a brand that is committed to green principles. 

Therefore, if your brand values include sustainability, you need to reflect this in your sustainable office space. By using Award Winning JPA as your workspace solution provider, you can not only guarantee that all the materials used in your new office fit-out will be 100% sustainable, you can also rest assured that none of your old furniture will end up in landfill. Our own brand’s sustainability values mean that we only supply products made from sustainable materials and we also reuse and recycle everything. We are certified Carbon Neutral and Zero Waste. If you think that sounds expensive, think again - we’ll reuse, repair and refresh as much of your existing furniture as possible, which will save you money by not needing to replace everything and could even help you attract talented staff who’ll contribute to the future success of your business. 

Whatever your brand values, they need to be reflected in the design and layout of your office or workplace. By doing this you’re more likely to attract and retain target customers, as well as talented and loyal members of staff. In addition, your workplace will be a much more attractive and comfortable place to be, with positive effects on staff motivation and productivity. 

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