Your Office Refurbishment & COP26

November 2, 2021

Your Office Refurbishment & COP26

We hope you’ve been inspired by this month’s COP26 in Glasgow, and initiatives such as the Earthshot prize to make your office refurbishment and company more sustainable. And when it comes to office furniture, we will make it happen for you. This means you can refurbish your offices sustainably, cutting the volume of waste, carbon used and lowering scope 3 emissions. Sustainable workspaces are a fundamental part of our offering with all aspects of our operation, services and products geared to having a positive local impact. 

As a company, we are certified Carbon Neutral, Carbon Reduction and Zero Waste. We ensure zero landfills from our business by having recycling streams in place for all waste, including unwanted clients’ furniture which we rework, rehome or recycle to ensure optimal resource use. 

Why Sustainabile Office Refurbishment is SO Important For Your Business 

There are many reasons why Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) needs to be an important part of any business’s brand values. There are more and more studies showing that companies with robust sustainability policies attract customers and staff members who stay more loyal to the brand as a direct result. When looking at the UN SDG, sustainability is a single element of CSR that we weave together with social measures for a holistic impact.

Your company’s CSR is also important to your staff. In The Deloitte Global 2021 Millennial and Gen Z Survey, the environment was the number one concern for Gen Z and was also high on the priorities of millennials. “As consumers, millennials and Gen Zs continue to make decisions aligned with their values. More than a quarter of respondents say businesses’ impact (both positive and negative) on the environment has influenced their buying decisions.” In addition: “44% of millennials and 49% of Gen Zs say they have made choices over the type of work they are prepared to do and the organizations they are willing to work for based on their personal ethics over the past two years.”

So, if your company wants to attract the most talented staff members, having a robust sustainability policy could mean the difference between attracting a good employee and losing them to a competitor. 

There are many studies showing that brands that adopt sustainable practices attract more customers. One survey of consumers in the UK and the US found that 84% of customers say they may stop buying from a brand with a poor environmental track record. More importantly, nearly half are willing to pay a premium for socially conscious or environmentally friendly brands. Staying in the retail environment, another study discovered that 60% of consumers believe that retailers and brands must do more to cut waste. And another study concluded that “corporate social responsibility initiatives are significantly and positively associated with corporate reputation, customer satisfaction, and customer trust”.

If your brand wishes to become known for good sustainability practices, the easiest way is to do business with companies that have already established their own reputation and practices. 

All the Products We Sell Are Sustainable 

We have won multiple business awards for our sustainable business practices. Before we take on a new supplier, we make sure that the products they supply are from sustainable and ethical sources, are made with recyclable materials and are built to last. Sustainable office furniture doesn’t just mean furniture made with wood from sustainable forests, it involves the entire product no matter what materials are used in its construction. 

This means that, at the end of its useful life, an item of office furniture can be broken down into its constituent parts and recycled into new products, with nothing going to waste. This way, everything is kept in circulation rather than ending up in a landfill. When the new products reach the end of their useful life, they too can be broken down and reused again and again - hence the term ‘circular economy. 

We also encourage the repair of office furniture wherever possible to extend its useful life. When we are doing office fit-outs, we aim to incorporate as much of your current furniture as possible, which means that, in addition to your new-look office being more sustainable, you’ll save money or have more of your budget to spend elsewhere. 

We’ll also dispose of your unwanted items on your behalf, ensuring that nothing goes to waste. We will rehome usable furniture with local community projects or charities, making any repairs necessary to maximise use. Any items that are beyond repair will be broken down, and the parts will be recycled. Nothing goes to waste, and nothing will end up in landfills. 
We are extremely proud of our sustainability, but our principal goal is to create office spaces that are comfortable, practical and beautiful places to work. Click here to see examples of our work, then get in touch to let us know how we can help you. We are so much more than simply furniture.

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