Lavington Street

150 Worker Relocation


◦  Re-locate 150 users to new building

◦  Incorporate as much of the existing furniture as possible in the new layouts/location

◦  Reduce redundant furniture waste

◦  Plan layouts to incorporate 70 new staff

◦  Create dynamic flexible workspaces

◦  Delivery Ska compliant project – Green Building credentials


✔    £60,000 saved in new furniture spend

✔    Choice of how and where to work

✔    High user satisfaction ratings

✔    6610kg tonnes furniture landfill saved

✔    Low scope 3 emissions for installation

✔    Reported improvements in teamwork and communication

✔    Any unusable furniture items recycled for materials recovery – zero to landfill

✔    All furniture items supplied recyclable by JPA at end of life. All packaging recycled or recyclable

Lavington Street Office Refit
‘Newly refurbished Lavington Street is deemed by all as a huge success in terms of functionality, décor and furniture. I had the privilege of working closely with JPA on this project, led by Matt Janes. I cannot emphasise enough how vital a part they played in the smooth and punctual delivery of this project. A highly effective collaboration between existing and new furniture, has resulted in a streamlined, modern ambience. A really terrific job!’

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