JPA’s Net Zero Leadership Study

September 5, 2022

JPA’s Net Zero Leadership Study

Fiona Edwards, Head of Sustainability, JPA Workspaces

In January 2022, JPA Workspaces was offered the opportunity to take part in Estu’s Net Zero Leaders Programme funded by the Apprenticeship Levy. I was intrigued and contacted Simon Littlewood from the provider Estu Global straight away to find out more.

The purpose of the Net Zero Leaders Programme is to accelerate the development of managers and senior professionals to lead Net Zero activities within their organisations and implement projects to achieve both organisational and climate-related goals.

Needless to say, I immediately signed up for the 18 month programme seeing it as essential to extend our learning and for the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other like-minded individuals and organisations. 

Halfway through the course

I’m now nearly halfway through the course, and it’s been fascinating. I have completed two modules in “People, Leadership and Change” and “Marketing, Innovation and Technology”, with three left to go: “Finance, Accounting”, “Risk for Strategic and Operational Success” and “Net Zero Synoptic Project”. 

Learning is a mix of in-person workshops, online workshops, and digital learning. One day a month is spent at an in-person workshop at Trinity Hall, Cambridge workshops which, for me, are more like a day off, not working at all! The blended in-work learning experience enables me to balance the demands of work and study and apply training with immediate impact back at work – JPA is already reaping the rewards.

A host of specialist experts contribute their professional insights and experiences, so I'm getting a tailored and applied understanding of the content. Workshops include case studies, group work, discussion activities and personal reflection. As we’ve got further in, we’re all contributing more, developing and collaborating more.

Digital learning takes place via a digital learning app, Ryze, where we engage with multimedia videos, podcasts, written text, quizzes, community chats, threads, reflective exercises and applied activities. This fuses a learner-centred design with multimedia interactivity, with a common focus on leadership development, management skills, and net zero activities.

Beyond the ‘off the job’ learning, there is independent study, where I can apply my learning in a professional context, undertaking further learning for assessments and professional development.

So far so good!

Fundamental to the future success of our business and our planet is the ability to lead, build teams and organisational structures and implement long-term change. That’s why I would recommend this programme to any business leader to help drive their business forward with the changes needed to ensure survival and business growth.

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