JPA To Join Other Sustainability Leaders For BusinessGreen Summit

October 18, 2019

JPA To Join Other Sustainability Leaders For BusinessGreen Summit

Aside from Brexit, you cannot read, watch or listen to any media without hearing about Climate Change; whether that be Greta Thunberg's speeches to politicians or the protests by Extinction Rebellion. There's a very good reason for that as well; because it is real and real change needs to happen. At JPA we take sustainability very seriously, as highlighted by our Furniture End of Life Policy and our Quality & Environmental Policy.

So we are delighted to be invited to the BusinessGreen Leaders Summit to be held at the Crystal in East London on Wednesday 23rd October. This is a fantastic summit to be a part of and with conversations happening daily about sustainability and green initiatives happening all over the world, this is an event JPA are really excited to be a part of.

JPA's own Sustainability Leader, Fiona Edwards will be attending with other Sustainability leaders. We asked Fiona what it means to be a sustainability leader and how JPA have worked towards maximising sustainability throughout the business:

"My role at JPA is to ensure that we have the most positive impact on our community, environment and local economy as a consequence of our business activity.  Sustainability is woven through every aspect of our operation, services and products, driven from the simple perspective of maximising every existing resource we have and reducing waste of every type.
It’s my job to make sure that JPA continue to develop both generic and industry specific sustainability expertise which can then be implemented into our activities. We need to make it easy for our clients to improve their environmental performance when it comes to office workspaces and furnishings whilst simultaneously showing value.
Our greatest achievements include JPA becoming zero landfill, our negative carbon footprint and our award-winning furniture re-use and recycling programme - Project DODO.  To date, DODO has eliminated over 500 tonnes of redundant furniture landfill, and re-used over 4000 items locally in the community (also saving over £300,000.00 in new furniture spend). We have saved our clients over £1,500,000.00 in new furniture spend of the last five years by maximising their existing furniture and space investment and reducing waste - everyone’s a winner!"

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