JPA Furniture gain excellent ratings on CIPS Sustainability Index

September 24, 2018

JPA Furniture gain excellent ratings on CIPS Sustainability Index

JPA Furniture measures itself by the three CIPS pillars and present itself for an annual evaluation in accordance with the set criteria.   CIPS is a global not-for-profit organisation, serving the procurement and supply management profession.

JPA Furniture is a sustainable business who typically strives to be an enterprise which has no negative impact on the global or local environment, community, society, or economy. The CIPS Sustainability Index, which JPA Furniture is evaluated by, uses the academic definition of social, economic and environmental criteria to underpin its methodology and approach.

The ‘three pillars’ of sustainability in the CIPS Sustainability Index approach are;

The Social Pillar:  Social sustainability typically embraces the key areas of Employment Practice, Corporate Citizenship / Philanthropy, People Management and Development, Human Rights Compliance, and Social factors within the Supply Chain. Here JPA Furniture scored 97% exceeding the national average by 25%.

The Economic Pillar: Economic sustainability typically embraces the key areas of Corporate Governance, Financial Robustness, Innovation Capacity along with Business Integrity and Ethics. With an impressive score of 100%, JPA Furniture stands out from among its pears as a economically sustainable company.

The Environmental Pillar:  Environmental Sustainability typically embraces the key areas of Environmental Management, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Energy Consumption, Waste Management, Water Management, Sustainable Sourcing and Materials and Resource Utilisation.  Here JPA Furniture was able to demonstrate a negative carbon footprint and received a score of 100%.

JPA Furniture has once again shown that they are one of the forerunners in their industry.

Click here to view the results.

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