JPA at The Tim Bloyce Football Tournament

July 6, 2022

JPA at The Tim Bloyce Football Tournament

The JPA Football team, renamed ‘Bloyceburn Rovers’ for the occasion travelled to Coventry on Sunday 3rd July to take part in the much awaited Tim Bloyce Football tournament, in honour of Tim, our much loved industry colleague and friend.

A cloudy summers day in Coventry saw 7 enthusiastic members of our JPA Workspaces family with varying degrees of ‘talent’ take part in a hectic and energetic 5 a side football tournament. It was clear on arrival, walking around and eyeing up the different teams, that our team comfortably won many categories without even kicking a ball – from the highest average age, to widest average waistline, brightest kit and most nervous smiles!

Like all charity sporting events, it’s the taking part that counts. We fought valiantly in the group stages - special shout-out to Richard B, recent grandfather who did not stop running! Despite all valiant efforts we did well to hold our heads high after conceding 30 goals in 4 matches… the most in the whole tournament!

Carrying on the winning tradition, JPA also came away with the female golden boot – highest scorer and best player (due to no other females taking part, shocking!), first team out of shower and first to reach the bar and get involved with the BBQ – a day of triumphs!

Sunday’s events have ultimately had a positive affect on our team – Richard C, Sidney, Richard B, Maurizio, Paul, Adam and Fe. It was simply lovely chatting to Tim, Jules and the rest of the Ocee Team whilst enjoying the day with them. Congratulations to Ocee United who won the day! Battered and bruised, we remained enthusiastic until the end, humbled by Tim’s indominable spirit and sense of humour.

Improved fitness and diet, and possibly even some pre-preparation training may be required should the JPA Football team want to rise like a Phoenix and go forth once more, reusing the brilliant kits designed for the event. This has given us the bug and secretly we all want to play again!.

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