It's time for workspaces that are conducive to Wellbeing and Performance

August 5, 2019

It's time for workspaces that are conducive to Wellbeing and Performance

JPA have teamed up with Jo Clark of Inner Space Works to help us deliver physical working spaces conducive to Wellbeing and Performance

Relatively minor modifications to existing spaces can typically improve working environments to ensure that your staff have spaces for engagement, focus work and quiet spaces when they just need to take 5. As well as the physical space, we also look at acoustics as one of the biggest causes of distraction, frustration and anxiety in the workplace and often forgotten in the planning process.

Inner Space Works was created to provide Mindfulness workshops and courses for individuals within the workplace and Jo herself teaches the Gold-standard mindfulness-based stress-reduction (MBSR) course, which supports individuals to improve well-being, productivity and resilience.

Mindfulness is a sustainable approach that offers lifelong skills and strategies to self-manage and self-regulate the body's response to stress, anxiety, depression and life's ups and downs. Many people experience bouts of low mood, disengagement and anxiety as it's part of the human condition and yet, we are often led to believe that it's 'wrong' to have emotional reactions to external stimuli such as stressful or traumatic events in our life. The MBSR course is structured in such a way that it helps us to understand our reactions to difficult situations and challenging events as well as opening our eyes to joy and positive moments that we often miss out on because we're so caught up in the drudgery or busy-ness of everyday life.

If you want to make a positive impact in your workplace, boost staff morale and improve productivity, just get in touch with Fiona at

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