Improving Your Office Workspaces

December 3, 2021

Improving Your Office Workspaces

Improving your workspaces for your team can boost morale and improve overall productivity. The working environment can and does have a profound effect on staff wellbeing, performance and user experience.

Create room to breathe with open-plan office spaces

Promote open discussion, communication and creativity with furniture and interior design that give your office an open-plan feel and encourage the natural flow of ideas and discussion. 

Mobile architecture (by which we mean walls, bookcases, and partitioning) can help you adapt and create new multi-use spaces. They afford great flexibility to allow you to change your workspace in line with evolving business requirements. They also allow you to ensure distancing measures and create temporary ‘safe’ spaces for your staff.

Choose storage solutions to cultivate calmer, more focused working environments

A cluttered office can increase the risk of important files going missing and make tasks that should be straight forward, long and drawn out. Clever storage solutions throughout your office space encourage a clutter-free environment and ensure everyone can find what they need to get on.

Tidy offices promote a calm and organised atmosphere and with more offices moving to cloud-based and paper-light systems, we anticipate that general storage requirement will lessen. Personal storage will remain a priority, with fewer pedestals and more locker storage space needed. Lockers can be personalised or public and can be used to divide space. They can also be combined with seating, shelving, boards and desking to create interesting, multi-purpose furniture.

Create the perfect lighting balance in your office 

Ideal lighting across your workspaces not only reduces eye strain but also promotes productivity and alertness. When it comes to office lighting, balance is key. If your office lighting is too dim, it can result in eyestrain and cause fatigue and a reduction in productivity. Lighting that is too bright can result in migraines and headaches. Finding the right balance can help create a greater level of comfort, higher levels of performance and a better user experience.

Create a space that reflects your brand and your business’s ethos

If your brand represents creativity and adaptability, then make sure that your office space shouts it out loud! You will inspire your employees to live and breathe your brand by making your ethos shine through in your office space. A beautiful office interior that reflects your brand also gives a great first impression to visitors and potential customers and business partners. 

Sustainability and Workspace Furniture

Opting for sustainable office furniture shows your employees that you are invested in creating a better world. It proves you are doing your part in reducing your carbon footprint and impact on the planet.  

And looking past the sustainability of the furniture itself, think about the type of supplier you are dealing with. Find out how sustainable they are, what eco accreditations they have, and what they are doing to minimise the impact of their operation and that of their supply chain on the environment? Look out for certifications including ISO14001 and FISP certification as minimum starting points, and also ask them how they’re contributing to minimising their impacts.

Take a look at some of our work or get in touch with us to ask about our range of services - from initial workspaces design and consultation through to furniture specification, installation and aftercare. Everything we do is aimed at maximising the furniture you already have, reducing furniture waste and eliminating furniture landfills.

We all want our employees to be happy and healthy. JPA Workspaces work with our clients to create workspaces that are better for the environment, better for the planet and better for the people who use them.

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