How to create office space that's great for hybrid working

May 28, 2021

How to create office space that's great for hybrid working

Hybrid working is here to stay. With so many office staff working from home during the lockdowns, the business community has discovered that people don’t need to be tied to the office building in order to be productive. Research from CIPD shows a dramatic increase in organisations offering remote working options, with 63% of surveyed companies now offering their staff the opportunity to work regularly at home. Even large corporations such as BP, Lloyds Bank and HSBC will be adopting the hybrid working model, allowing them to downsize their physical office space. 

This means that the way we use offices is going to change, and there is now a need to create practical office space that’s great for hybrid working. This gives you the perfect opportunity/excuse to revisit your office interior design and use modern, innovative furniture, such as meeting pods, in order to create a variety of different spaces within the room. 

Designing a new office fit for hybrid working 

Our experienced interior designers will advise on the best use of space in your new office fit out an in-depth discussion about your brand, your brand personality, how you intend to use the space, how many people need to be accommodated and for what purpose, etc. The office of the near future is likely to be more socially distanced, with more space between working areas, more partitions, and innovations such as meeting pods.

If you are looking for inspiration, check out our portfolio or download our Workspaces Lookbook which shows all the latest in quality office furniture. 

Hygiene will continue to be a priority

All being well, the social distancing rules will be relaxed soon, but with the continued threat of the virus and the possibility of new variants, it could be a long time before everyone feels comfortable to be in the office without the protection that, for example, protective screens and antimicrobial surfaces give. Covid aside, the protection and hygiene habits we’ve got used to have resulted in a healthier workforce. There has been a worldwide drop in the number of cases of colds and flu, leading to fewer sick days and an increase in productivity, so these precautionary measures are great all round. 

Make it sustainable 

Another effect of the pandemic is that people have become more aware of the environment. In the first lockdown, nature was more conspicuous, leading to a greater appreciation of the planet, as well as awareness of the effect our wasteful habits are having on it and its finite resources. We think sustainability and the circular economy is the only way forward, which is why we have long been active champions of environmental values. In fact, we’ve won lots of awards for our environmental and community work. We only use sustainable products, are a certified carbon neutral organisation, and repurpose and recycle everything so nothing goes to landfill. If sustainability is an important part of your company values, then, when it comes to furniture, we’ve done all the research for you. Click here to read more about our commitment to the environment. 

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