Fully Furnished Issue 1 - Magazine by JPA

October 20, 2020

Fully Furnished Issue 1 - Magazine by JPA

Welcome to JPA’s first edition of Fully Furnished - Bringing you our latest news and updates in these extraordinary times.

We’re here to help organisations of all sizes and all types get back to work, wherever that might be with cost-effective, practical and future-proof solutions, best practice advice, and both virtual and on-site surveys for furniture and space-related issues:

On-site we’re helping with:

✔ Space management and COVID planning

✔ Moving and reconfiguring existing furniture

✔ Collecting and storing surplus furniture

✔ Bespoke safety screens

✔ Sanitizer stations and signage

✔ Replacing set pads with wipe-clean fabrics and vinyls

✔ Workplace upgrades in readiness for staff return

✔ Home working chairs desks and equipment

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