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To create a joint space where 80 researchers from the BBC and education could be re-located in a permanent home to drive innovation & collaboration on a wide programme of R&R activity.

A place where some of the brightest minds in the UK could come together to discuss and tackle the challenges for digital media & the creative industry at large.


✔    User engagement, creativity and satisfaction

✔    Successful acoustic strategy

✔    Increased connectivity away from the desk

✔    Choice of how and where to work

✔    Low scope 3 emissions for installation

✔    Ska green building criteria compliance criteria met for furniture

✔    Ska green building criteria compliance criteria met for furniture

✔    All furniture items supplied recyclable by JPA at end of life. All packaging recycled or recyclable

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Office Refurbishment London FAQ's

Do you deliver and install my furniture?

JPA deliver and fully install all furniture supplied, with our very own teams of fitters in easily recognisable red liveried vehicles. Our fitters are fully trained (and DBS checked for peace of mind) and will deliver and assemble your new furniture as part of the job, leaving it ready for you to use straight away. We’ll show you how it works just in case and then also remove any packaging materials for recycling, with nothing going to landfill.

Can you help me with planning my space?

Our design team can help you plan and furnish all types and sizes of workspace including fixed desks, hot desks, breakout and collaborative spaces, chill and café spaces, meeting and mixing spaces. We help you make the most of your space, dealing with all legislative and regulatory issues so you don’t have to, whilst creating effective, engaging areas for your teams to work, rest and play.

What if I need help after my furniture has been delivered?

Because we only sell products from robust, tried and tested manufacturers, we underwrite all factory warranties free of charge. We’re happy to work with your cleaning and maintenance teams to show them how to get the best from your furniture, and also to give product training and refresher training as needed. If hot desking means that someone else keeps adjusting your chair, you need to know how to re-set it to make it work for you and get comfy. We’re here to before, during and after furniture installation.

What do I do with my old furniture?

The good news is that JPA have an award-winning furniture collection, re-use and recycling programme already in place. We can discuss options for removal of your old furniture when planning your new furniture, but can also collect your unwanted furniture as a stand alone service. Either way, we guarantee that none of your unwanted furniture goes to landfill. Simply get in touch for more details.

How Much Does an Office Refurbishment Cost in London?

When it comes to budgeting for an office refurb in London, the first thing you have to factor in when looking at your potential budget is your available office space. It stands to reason that the bigger the office the bigger your budget will have to be. London Office Refurbishment can e a costly process, but you can reduce your overall spending by choosing to work with a local office refurbishment company. We at JPA pride ourselves on careful project management that gives you the best bang for your buck. Moreover, we have a lot of experience when it comes to office refurbishment in London. If you are interested in finding out an exact budget for your London Office  Refurbishment, we suggest talking to us today, get a no obligations free quote for your office refurbishment when you talk to one of our London Office in house furniture fans.

My office space is going to have to change after covid – can you help with planning?

Our teams are helping all types of organisations plan for safe return to work including layout changes, safety screens, vaccination pods and creating extra working spaces.

How Can I See Your Office Refurbishment Projects?

Our dedicated team, has over the years, tackled our fair share of office refurbishment projects and office fit-outs. Our business operates on the premise that your office fit-out should give you extra space and be cost-effective. You can see all of our refurbishment projects on our website. 

How can my office be more sustainable?

Better sustainability can be achieved by all organisations of all sizes. Firstly we can help by keeping the furniture you already have in use for longer, by repairing, refreshing and reupholstering it – we call this PROJECT DODO, preventing your old furniture from becoming extinct! Not only does this prevent furniture landfill, but it’s also a cheaper option than buying new and using more resources. We can also reconfigure your furniture, re-arranging it into different set-ups to suit changing workflow and business requirements

How do I know where my furniture comes from?

The furniture we supply is from ethical and sustainable sources – with materials from managed and renewable sources. Standard fabrics carry the EcoLabel. Our supply chain is checked against stringent criteria to also make sure that product manufacturers are actively promoting social welfare both internally and down their own supply chains. You can rely on JPA for quality, sustainability and long-term value.


JPA’s Project Dodo is our own award-winning furniture maximisation programme! We work with you to help your furniture last longer before you buy new, through repairs, refresh, reupholstery, reconfiguration or off-site relocation – there’s no excuse for single use! If you really can’t use it, we’ll simply collect it and try and rehome it in the community or recycle it for materials recovery. Either way, we make it easy for your organisation to reduce furniture waste and eliminate furniture landfill.

What Are Office Refurbishments?

It is the redesign of an existing office layout. London office fit-outs and commercial refurbishment work must be done in an efficient manner to ensure a smooth process from an old to a new office is achieved. Office interiors and office fit-outs should be overseen by a refurbishment specialist and an experienced team. 

How Do I Refurbish My Office Space?

If you are researching 'office refurbishment London' in the hopes of finding the answers to all of the admin associated with an office refurbishment in London, you are not alone. Designing your office interior and filling it with the right office furniture takes a certain knack and a fair amount of experience. We at JPA, have project managers whose sole purpose is to ensure that your new office interior is a vast improvement on your existing office. We want to improve your current office space with minimal disruption to your business.

What Is Your Office Refurbishment Process?

We begin looking at your current office fit-out and then design and plan a new workplace that suits your business needs. 

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