Circular Furniture Solutions

All our services are designed to reduce furniture carbon and waste, reducing the environmental impact of our Clients’ furniture related activities.

JPA has signed up to the UN race to Zero and has an SECR compliant carbon reduction plan in place. Our scope 1 & 2 emissions have been calculated and offset meaning that all operational and installation work is Carbon Neutral, underpinned by local operation, further reducing carbon-costs and contributing to NetZero2050 targets.

New Furniture Supply

​Our new furniture is sourced from robust, ethical and proven supply chains. Suppliers are audited against a range of social, environmental and economic factors to ensure best practice and compliance.

New furniture is supplied with lengthy warranties and post-installation support packages ensuring optimal lifecycle value for each product. Products are increasingly supplied with EPDs detailing carbon content and volumes of recycled and recyclable content, specifically manufactured for disassembly at end of life.

​We are also able to provide timber from managed forests through FSC® certification.

FSC Furniture
Recyclable office furniture & equipment

2nd Life Furniture Supply

2nd life furniture prevents unnecessary virgin materials from being sourced for refurbishment works and is a great way to reduce furniture related project carbon. Savings can be measured and fed back into reporting plans.

We can provide high quality 2nd life furniture for all sizes of projects although more notice is often needed to meet your exact requirements.

2nd life furniture can be a badge of honour, worn with pride!

Furniture Repair Service

We maximise your existing furniture lifecycle and financial investment through a range of circular repair services which extend longevity and use.  These typically include the supply and fitting of spare parts, repairs, reupholstery, refreshing, replacement keys and locks etc., all designed to keep items in use for longer.

This saves money and carbon as nothing new needs to be supplied until really necessary – contract furniture is made to last and can have several lifespans if maintained properly.

JPA Workspaces, Furniture Repair Services
Furniture Reconfiguration Solutions

Furniture Reconfiguration

Sometimes you don’t need new furniture or all new furniture to freshen and re-invigorate your workspace layout.  We can help you reconfigure what you already have into new designs and then simply top up with the odd extra item from new or second life stock.

Perhaps your furniture simply needs a quick refresh and a change of scenery to meet the

changing needs of your workspace, so before you go and order new, let’s see what can be done with what you already have.

Furniture Recycling Service

If you really can’t find a use for existing furniture we will collect it for materials recycling, ensuring that nothing goes to landfill.

We can either tie this in with your order for new furniture, collecting unwanted items when we deliver new, or offer it as a stand-alone service.  

Furniture recycling can also be certificated showing saved volumes of landfill kg and co2e which can be included in carbon reduction reports.

Furniture Rehoming Service

Contract furniture is made to last and is often still fit-for-task when no longer required, even if looking slightly sad!  You might be surprised how badly this is needed in the community where funding is a constant struggle.

We can help you rehome unwanted items in the community, transforming your waste into a much welcomed asset, enhancing your organisation’s social impact as well as saving carbon from disposal.  Please don’t hesitate to ask for more details.

 For even more tips and ideas on making your workplace sustainable, check out the WWF advice here.

Frequently asked questions

Do you deliver and install my furniture?

JPA deliver and fully install all furniture supplied, with our very own teams of fitters in easily recognisable red liveried vehicles. Our fitters are fully trained (and DBS checked for peace of mind) and will deliver and assemble your new furniture as part of the job, leaving it ready for you to use straight away. We’ll show you how it works just in case and then also remove any packaging materials for recycling, with nothing going to landfill.

Can you help me with planning my space?

Our design team can help you plan and furnish all types and sizes of workspace including fixed desks, hot desks, breakout and collaborative spaces, chill and café spaces, meeting and mixing spaces. We help you make the most of your space, dealing with all legislative and regulatory issues so you don’t have to, whilst creating effective, engaging areas for your teams to work, rest and play.

What if I need help after my furniture has been delivered?

Because we only sell products from robust, tried and tested manufacturers, we underwrite all factory warranties free of charge. We’re happy to work with your cleaning and maintenance teams to show them how to get the best from your furniture, and also to give product training and refresher training as needed. If hot desking means that someone else keeps adjusting your chair, you need to know how to re-set it to make it work for you and get comfy. We’re here to before, during and after furniture installation.

What do I do with my old furniture?

The good news is that JPA have an award-winning furniture collection, re-use and recycling programme already in place. We can discuss options for removal of your old furniture when planning your new furniture, but can also collect your unwanted furniture as a stand alone service. Either way, we guarantee that none of your unwanted furniture goes to landfill. Simply get in touch for more details.
JPA are fully operational right now – we are quoting, taking orders, delivering and installing!

My office space is going to have to change after covid – can you help with planning?

Our teams are helping all types of organisations plan for safe return to work including layout changes, safety screens, vaccination pods and creating extra working spaces.

I need a chair for my home, can you supply it?

We have a homeworking chair and furniture programme in place with 5 day delivery – please ask for more details

How can my office be more sustainable?

Better sustainability can be achieved by all organisations of all sizes. Firstly we can help by keeping the furniture you already have in use for longer, by repairing, refreshing and reupholstering it – we call this PROJECT DODO, preventing your old furniture from becoming extinct! Not only does this prevent furniture landfill, but it’s also a cheaper option than buying new and using more resources. We can also reconfigure your furniture, re-arranging it into different set-ups to suit changing workflow and business requirements

How do I know where my furniture comes from?

The furniture we supply is from ethical and sustainable sources – with materials from managed and renewable sources. Standard fabrics carry the EcoLabel. Our supply chain is checked against stringent criteria to also make sure that product manufacturers are actively promoting social welfare both internally and down their own supply chains. You can rely on JPA for quality, sustainability and long-term value.


JPA’s Project Dodo is our own award-winning furniture maximisation programme! We work with you to help your furniture last longer before you buy new, through repairs, refresh, reupholstery, reconfiguration or off-site relocation – there’s no excuse for single use! If you really can’t use it, we’ll simply collect it and try and rehome it in the community or recycle it for materials recovery. Either way, we make it easy for your organisation to reduce furniture waste and eliminate furniture landfill.

Do I have to dispose of the packaging?

No, the good news is that after unwrapping and assembling your furniture ready for use, we collect all the packaging and take it back to our warehouse for re-use or recycling.

Can you help me re-locate my office space?

We can dismantle, pack and move organisations of all types

Can you repair furniture?

We can certainly come out to have a look to see if we can repair existing furniture, or you can send us an image. We can then advise whether repairs would be cost effective and worth the investment.

A collection of happy clients

"We really appreciated JPA's involvement in Sustainable St Albans Week; it was brilliant to have a local business so involved, and show that sustainability can absolutely be combined with running a profitable business….As a local, family-owned firm, they are always thinking of ways to live their values through their work, and offer great customer service."

Sustainable St Albans Week

We have worked with Fiona, James and the team across various schemes, however one of the most exciting is the re-manufacture of end of what would normally be termed ‘end of life’ furniture. By providing such a forward thinking service, JPA are able to demonstrate reduced costs to the companies they are working with as well as genuinely supporting the green agenda by significantly reducing waste through their innovative approach to recycling and reuse ensure zero landfill impact. The Green Triangle are delighted to be involved in supporting JPA in pushing this scheme out to businesses and organisations across Hertfordshire and beyond and highly commend JPA for their approach to sustainability, carbon reduction and their push to become as environmentally friendly as possible!

The Green Triangle

I have worked with JPA Furniture on the IOE Level 4 & 5 Project and found them to be helpful, supportive and proactive. The project was initiated upon the Merger of IOE and UCL and was a politically sensitive project. JPA provided great service and helped harmonise the relationship between IOE and UCL estates by providing rapid response and excellent service. The project manager James and his team had a ‘can do’ attitude and nothing was too much trouble.
Great job!


Fiona was brilliant - we were looking to buy a few chairs to put on stage for our conference and she loaned us a couple of chairs and they were perfect - she deserves a big bonus!


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