Celebrating VE Day in style (at home).

May 8, 2020

Celebrating VE Day in style (at home).

The COVID-19 pandemic appears to have brought out the best in us and shown us quite how much we need each other as human beings, as most of us stay at home, yearning for social contact and to throw our arms around our nearest and dearest who are out of sight and out of reach. 

We have seen how care workers and key workers have silently and bravely just got on with their jobs and selflessly put their lives on the line for us again and again. We come out each Thursday and show the world how much their tireless work is appreciated, in a simple yet heart-wrenching gesture that has united us all.

Similarly, we remember another time and another generation who also sacrificed themselves so that we could preserve our way of life and create a bright future for those that remained.  The similarities are there for us to see.

So JPA would like to celebrate all of our heroes, those of today and those from our past and remind ourselves of the power of good and of the incredible resilience and spirit that we as individuals all possess to make a better future for everyone.

Let’s celebrate VE Day in style at home and start planning a better, kinder, more sustainable world.

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