Buck The Trend Of National Sickie Day

February 3, 2020

Buck The Trend Of National Sickie Day

Today (3rd February) marks National Sickie Day. Yep, the first Monday in February is so called as it traditionally marks the first Monday after the end-of-month payday and a weekend that workers may celebrate this fact with more gusto than they may mean to, so this is when most people will phone in sick to work using a range of different excuses to take the day off.

Having a cold or flu are the most popular excuses given for taken the day off, but it is telling that these are ‘excuses’, which suggests that maybe they are not as true as employees would have their bosses believe. What is most important is understanding if there are deeper or hidden causes - workers should not feel bad if they need to take time off for, say, their mental well-being.

Statistically this day has lost some of its relevance in recent years, with a study from the ELAS Group showing that the first Monday of February 2018 did not appear in the top 30 most popular days for absence. This doesn't mean that people still do not take advantage.

Health in the workplace is a vital element of a happy and successful business. Whilst it is easy to presume that the sickness may be down to people enjoying the preceding weekend, there may be other factors at play - and how can the business contribute to improving those factors? It's long been known that happy workers are more effective and a happy business converts into a successful business, so by ensuring the physical and mental health of employees (and bosses) is taken care of, days like National Sickie Day may soon be a thing of the past!

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