Anxiety In The Workplace? Use These Tips To Turn Anxiety Into Excitement!

October 9, 2019

Anxiety In The Workplace? Use These Tips To Turn Anxiety Into Excitement!

Picture the scene; it's a busy day, there are more things on your to-do list than you know what to do with and all you want to do is to escape from it. Throw in the usual bombardment of phone calls, emails and the buzz of an active and thriving workplace and it is a classic recipe for anxiety levels to escalate out of control.

We asked Jo, JPA's own Mindfulness Consultant on ways to tackle anxiety and how to even turn workplace anxiety into excitement. Here's what Jo has to say:

"I have been exploring the similarity of the sensations I feel in my body when I am excited and when I’m anxious.

By offering myself the three Cs; Curiosity, Courage and Compassion within my Mindfulness practice, I am able to self-manage my levels of anxiety and prevent any unnecessary escalation of panic. Many people experience anxiety on a day-to-day basis.

This article explains how the 3Cs can be used to self-manage anxiety and the attitude that is most useful when questioning what’s going on for you, particularly when you sense your alarm bells are ringing."

Jo Clarke is JPA Workspaces' Mindfulness Consultant and also runs her own Mindfulness training and consultancy business. Read more of her articles on mindfulness at her blog or her website.

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