Adapting To Office Working During Covid 19

May 18, 2020

Adapting To Office Working During Covid 19

I think it’s safe to say that the future of our working landscape and practices has changed forever over the last few short weeks, and we would be wrong in assuming we are coming back to the same businesses and the same world.  Everything has changed and we need to adapt quickly to the future if we are to survive.

JPA Workspaces are working with organisations and businesses to plan for easing staff safely and cost effectively back to work.  It’s our mission to help both employers and employees feel more confident and safer about returning to the workplace.

We’re helping businesses adapt by providing practical furniture solutions that support social distancing whilst improving the feeling of working in safe and healthy environments.

Short-term we simply need to get our businesses back up and running with the least disruption and expense possible, whilst also gathering feedback for longer term, more permanent changes that will surely follow.

We’re all still trying to work out what COVID means for our businesses and the next few months will surely be a learning curve.  It’s also going to be stressful as this experience continues to impact on our physical, cognitive and emotional wellbeing.

Bringing small numbers of staff back in manageable waves is a good first step to seeing if the measures you have put in place are effective, before bringing larger numbers back or undertaking significant spend.

Social distancing will inevitably mean reduced occupancy and so we’re going to see a variety of workplace changes that include more space between staff, larger desks, more individual work areas, more partitioning, screens and shielding to mitigate risk, more easy clean fabrics and surfaces, more personal storage, more touch free devices and more technology.

We’re also going to see more careful arrival procedures, route planning, and signage, more robust cleaning protocols, more hygiene stops and more clean-as-you go policies.

And let’s not forget the increase we are going to see in home working and the steps we need to take to ensure our staff are working comfortably and safely.

Conversely, we’ll be seeing less shared desks and spaces, less sharing of equipment and storage, less hot desks and less people in our offices – so we’ll have to find creative ways of making them  more appealing especially if we are to retain and inspire our talent.

JPA Workspaces can help you with advice, practical support and furniture solutions, simply contact us on 01727 840800 or and speak to any member of our team.

Take care and stay safe.

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