5 Great office refurbishment ideas

July 13, 2022

5 Great office refurbishment ideas

Whatever your 2022 office refurbishment requirements are, there is no doubt that the workplace has changed significantly from what it was three years ago. Gone are the days where a new carpet and lick of paint will suffice. The office of today - and the future - needs to meet the requirements of a multi-generational workforce, be sustainable and of course, be a pleasant place to work! Below are our top five ideas to make your workplace work for everyone.

1 - Keep it natural

We all know that being outside is great for us, and most workplaces will encourage their staff to get out into the fresh air and take regular breaks. However, creating an environment which helps employees connect with the outside world from inside an office can be tricky.

If you are not blessed with lots of windows in your office, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your office looking as natural as possible, and your staff motivated:

  • Use of plants and fresh flowers throughout the office
  • Underdress the windows - keep blinds up or open where possible
  • Ventilate - think twice before using the air conditioning. Open windows and doors, let nature in!

2 - Appeal to the hybrid working lifestyle

The past couple of years has thrown up a new and unexpected challenge when it comes to office refurbishment. The popularity of hybrid and remote working patterns mean that companies need to come up with new ways to ensure that employees want to spend time in the office.

It has been proven that a mixture of home and office working is great for productivity and employee happiness, so it’s a good idea to make your office a pleasant environment for employees to spend time in. The alternative is losing valuable employees to companies with more flexible or comfortable working environments.

Ensure that the office has varied work areas such as private pods and larger group spaces, as some people prefer to work in a solitary space with no distractions, while others prefer to chat and brainstorm as they go.

3 - Include breakout areas
If an employee feels overwhelmed while working from home, they can simply take a break from their computer. Make sure that your office has a private breakout area for the same reason.

If you have the resources, think about including a fun area where employees can spend their breaks and lunches. You don’t have to go full Google in order to ensure employee happiness, but think about including sofas, interactive activities and maybe even a Foosball table!

4 - Choose sustainable

A recent survey by Deloitte highlighted that environmental concerns and climate change remain the most important things on young people’s minds. As we welcome a new generation into the workplace, it’s essential to ensure their concerns are addressed, and that companies make a genuine effort to strive for a sustainable workplace.

When thinking about your office refurbishment, focus on sourcing second-life and recycled furniture, or furniture that has been ethically sourced in line with sustainability guidelines.

5 - Think creative

No one wants to spend an hour commuting to work in a grey, dull office. Make sure your workspace is bright and open with interesting, comfortable and unique (eco-friendly) furniture that can be moved around and serve a variety of purposes. A colourful and original looking office will help to stimulate creativity and motivation.

If you are thinking about refurbishing your office space in the near future, and would like to speak to us about a sustainable solution, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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